Month: March 2011

The Freelancing Guide: What is This All About?

First, warm welcome to The Freelancing Guide. In this guide, I will try to explain to you, simply how to make money on the Internet using your talents and skills. No, I am not talking about Internet marketing here; I am not talking about affiliate marketing, some dodgy get-rich-quick-scheme insanity or anything illegal. I am talking about the profession called… Read more →

REAL Guys Show How to Make REAL Money Online – A New Approach to Internet Marketing

Since 2006, I am interested in Internet Marketing and I’m closely monitoring the different tactics and approaches to making money on the Internet. I was experimenting with Internet Marketing in the past and I have had subscribed to various newsletters devoted to this endless overhyped topic. One of the guys I’m following is called Eric Holmlund and he really seems… Read more →

Driving Force for Every Success: Creativity

Note that I am not a psychologist, nor a scientist, so my interpretation is purely based on my experiences and observations. We saw that the first component of being successful is passion, but what about the case whereby you have the passion and desire to succeed, but you cannot offer anything new or exciting that can differentiate you from your… Read more →