Month: February 2011

Embracing IPV6

I am happy to announce that my hosting provider DreamHost has enabled all of their clients to join the new generation of Internet addresses – IPV6. I just added IPV6 to my domain and now it seems that: ‘Success! 2607:F298:0001:0107:0000:0000:0A72:35B3 has been assigned to in our hosting system!’ which is good news because IANA has already exhausted the pull… Read more →

Driving Force for Every Success: Passion

The difference between successful multimillionaires and homeless junkies is, surprisingly, not the amount of money in their bank accounts, nor the amount of knowledge how to trade stocks on the stock market. The obvious difference between these almost unrelated social groups is their attitude and motivation to succeed. Having said that, I would like to give you one concrete example… Read more →

Information Overload: My Techniques for Avoiding it

These days, information is everywhere. Everything fights for your attention, from the huge billboards and signs on the roads and motorways, to the small inconspicuous to-do notes that you have inadvertently placed on your phone’s calendar to remind you about all sorts of things. Now an important issue is how to filter the important information out of the garbage without… Read more →

The Transformation of Electronic Dance Music – From Underground to Mainstream

Being a house, trance or Drum ’N’ Bass DJ during the 1990s was a prestigious, yet mysterious underground title. The electronic music scene was still miles away from being a mainstream culture. It was an alternative subculture, an alternative reality out of the real life where the deprived youths could forget about the troubles and enjoy the music. Enjoy every… Read more →