Thank you for your interest in my portfolio and skills. Here you will be able to download an up-to-date CV which contains detailed information about my work experience and education, as well as contact details. References would be provided upon request.
In the meantime, you may check out a small selection of some working stand-alone projects that I have done over the years below.


Head over to the contacts section if you wish to contact me immediately. I strive to answer to emails within 1 business day.

Alternatively, you can employ me on a freelance basis, by clicking here.

Demo Projects

As part of my work and throughout my University degree, I wrote a few small PHP applications, which you can see running live below. If you are interested to see a particular code used in a script or an application, or you wish to give me feedback, or you simply want to say hello, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try to assist as best as I can:

Electronic Commerce App

This is a demo of an electronic commerce app that is used by a fictitious company to cell their products on the Internet.

The application could be accessed By clicking here (opens in a new tab or window, based on your browser’s settings). The login username and password are both ‘administrator’.

Directory Script (written as a replacement for the default directory behaviour of Apache 2)

This small script was written for a Bulgarian digital branding and web design agency who wanted an easy way of giving access to internal directories on their servers to their clients, without using technologies such as SSH or FTP.

The script could be seen here (opens in a new window or tab, based on your browser’s settings).


This was supposed to be a huge project, but unfortunately after I finished my University degree, I abandoned it due to other more pressing priorities, but I hope that one day, I would finally find time to finish it up in one form or another. This was my final year project at University and the purpose of the project was to create a prototype of a social network where you could share specific goals that you need help in achieving, sharing those goals with your friends, tracking your friend’s shared goals and trying to get or provide help for achieving those goals. Unfortunately the coding part was a smaller chunck of the whole project, and due to the huge report that I had to write in order to satisfy the University’s formal degree requirements and due to my simultaneous work commitments at the time, the application is a basic skeleton only and does not do much exciting stuff really. The useful bit in terms of coding was that this was my first application in which I used Facebook Login through the Facebook API as an option to register for the app.

It could be checked out here (opens in a new window or tab, based on your browser’s settings).

Thank you for checking my portfolio out. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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