Author: Georgi Zhivankin

Goodbye London, Hello Berlin!

London is a great world city. Personally for me, it epitomises the ultimate city to live in alongside New York. These two world metropolises afford so much opportunities for growth and development on so many levels, that it is impossible to condense them into a comprehendible list. However, all great world metropolises including London, suffer of a few, sometimes insurmountable… Read more →

How to Remove a Certificate stored within the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store on a Local Computer Running Windows 10

I was trialling software that required to install its own certificate within the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store yesterday. After some time playing with it, I decided to uninstall it along with its certificate. I thought it should be a straightforward process as I was used to managing certificates within the Personal Certificates store and I did not imagine for… Read more →

Electronic Music – Lifestyle Choice for select few and Source of Hatred for the Rest

Licence: Public Domain Source: Wikipedia First, let me wish you a Merry Christmas! There are two reasons why I want to share this short story with you. Well, actually they are more than two, but two would suffice for you, wouldn’t they? The main reason why I’m sharing this story with you today is because I’d like to get your… Read more →