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How to Remove a Certificate stored within the Trusted Root Certification Authorities Store on a Local Computer Running Windows 10

I was trialling software that required to install its own certificate within the Trusted Root Certification Authorities store yesterday. After some time playing with it, I decided to uninstall it along with its certificate. I thought it should be a straightforward process as I was used to managing certificates within the Personal Certificates store and I did not imagine for… Read more →

Embracing IPV6

I am happy to announce that my hosting provider DreamHost has enabled all of their clients to join the new generation of Internet addresses – IPV6. I just added IPV6 to my domain and now it seems that: ‘Success! 2607:F298:0001:0107:0000:0000:0A72:35B3 has been assigned to in our hosting system!’ which is good news because IANA has already exhausted the pull… Read more →