Driving Force for Every Success: Passion

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The difference between successful multimillionaires and homeless junkies is, surprisingly, not the amount of money in their bank accounts, nor the amount of knowledge how to trade stocks on the stock market. The obvious difference between these almost unrelated social groups is their attitude and motivation to succeed. Having said that, I would like to give you one concrete example so not to look as if I have become somewhat mad:

Let’s imagine that you observe two good friends from your school years, Jack and Tom. Jack is the flamboyant, sexy and motivated young boy who lives such as he’s the king of the planet. He’s working hard at school and playing hard with girls. After you have graduated from high school and university, Jack has been able to secure a job as a wealthy banker and his life had skyrocketed in a matter of years. Tom, on the other hand, was the intelligent geek in the group, he was always thinking thrice before taking any action and although highly-competitive at school and University with bright future ahead of him, he had dipped into a deep depression due to the recent financial crisis of the 2000s and now Tom lives in a tent in front of a large underground station, begging occasionally for cash in order to stay alive for one more day.

I know, I know, it sounds exaggerated, but it has happened before to millions and millions of people and it would happen again to millions and millions of people.
Have you ever thought why this happens?

It happens because, although Tom was the intelligent guy with a sharp mind and natural talents, he didn’t have the right attitude, motivation or passion for something big while Jack, on the other hand, was not that smart or naturally gifted, but he had a passion and a motivation to fiercely follow it. And at the end, his devotion paid off and he was rewarded for his perseverance.

Yesterday we had a conversation with a very good friend about life and about our attitude towards the future and we both came to the conclusion that our big problem is not that we are doing something wrong generally, no, not at all. Rather, the issue is that we are zigzagging between multiple things and we haven’t found our true passion yet, or if we do know our passion, we do not have the proper motivation and attitude that would enable us to unleash our full potential for growth and long term success.
Now, after we have found the problem, let’s jump to the solution.

Well, if I knew the proper solution of this problem, I would never sit down and write about it because I would be preoccupied at undertaking it.
I think that there are a few steps for mitigating this problem that should be tryed though:

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Write what your passion is.
  3. Make a plan how you can achieve your goals in order to fulfil the passion.
  4. Do everything you can!
  5. Do more than everything you can!
  6. Do everything, everything, and everything you can and cannot!
  7. Repeat until you succeed.

I will try to do these steps and I will succeed, and you?

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