Planning to Write a Guide about Freelancing

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These days I am overloaded. At University we are doing one really difficult and tedious group coursework and I cannot really take some time off to write something here, but an idea that was lurking in the darkest corners of my brain recently surfaced absolutely uninvited.

That was the idea to write a good and somewhat complete freelancing guide and I am planning to do this as soon as I find time to, probably it would be during the summer months (if of course I pass all of my upcoming exams and coursework’s successfully).

When I started freelancing back in the day, there were some resources that helped to get me started, but even now when I look up for a decent freelancing guide, I find impartial or out-dated information. This signals an opportunity for one really good and extensive freelancing guide and I am going to take the challenge of writing one soon.

Having said that, I would like this entry to serve as a personal reminder just in case I forget what I have promised myself.

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