Driving Force for Every Success: Perseverance

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Note that I am not a psychologist, nor a scientist, so my interpretation is purely based on my experiences and observations.

Passion and creativity are important ingredients for your long-term success, but there is one, often overlooked component that can differentiate the winners from the losers and this is perseverance.

Perseverance is, and has been, an important driving force behind the human progress for centuries. No matter what your idea is, or how brilliant you believe it is, if you are not persistent enough to realise it, you would fail badly. The whole human evolution has progressed with the help of perseverance and clear vision for the future. The key moment here is to have clear goals about the future and to stick to them no matter how hard it is to achieve them or how many failures you have had in the past while trying to. I will look at the importance of vision in the next entry. Persistence, determination, fortitude. These are all synonyms of perseverance. Remember them and whenever you feel the need to abandon your idea or you lose your clear vision or goal about the future, say to yourself: “I have failed now, but I am determined to make it happen and nothing will stop me.” And I am certain that you would be at least better off than when you started.

Have you been persistent in what you are doing? Did you get any positive results of being persistent?

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