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Since 2006, I am interested in Internet Marketing and I’m closely monitoring the different tactics and approaches to making money on the Internet. I was experimenting with Internet Marketing in the past and I have had subscribed to various newsletters devoted to this endless overhyped topic. One of the guys I’m following is called Eric Holmlund and he really seems like one of the well-educated, honest and passionate Internet Marketers out there. As a subscriber to his Internet Marketing newsletter, I am constantly receiving his emails in which he teaches people who want to pursue a career in Internet marketing or basically any type of marketing how to make money. These days, he has teamed up with two other famous Internet marketers, Jeff Wellman and Paul Counts who together have decided to call themselves “The Real Guys”.

They state that the purpose of their chosen name is to stage a revolt against all fake Internet Marketers who are constantly flooding the market with useless junk and as they say, even some of them are afraid to use their pictures and real names in order not to be exposed as dishonest and fake.

I decided to write about this marketing experiment, because I liked the invaluable lesson they are inexplicably and unintentionally teaching us.

If you go and watch their video, you’ll see that they are claiming that they can show you how to make money online ethically. That’s obviously true if you were really an Internet marketer like them, if you, however, are just starting up, this is not quite ethical or at least I understand it that way. They are well known in the Internet Marketing world, so that seems as an overstatement really.
The interesting thing for me is, not that they are revolting against all fake guys in their business, but that despite their claims, they are selling an information product that they have conceived and created which actually teaches you how to make money online. That’s ridiculous, don’t you think? How could you be ethical, if you are not an Internet marketer at all and you make your money by promoting an already-made video course created by professionals, but rebranded as your own? Am I the only one who sees a problem with this?

Nevertheless, I gained access to the information product they are selling and I can assure you that it is a high-quality 17-lesson video series with Private Label Rights included, which explores the different techniques for building and growing a list of subscribers hungry to get their hands on the products or services you are selling to them, complemented by a few reports, a sales and squeeze pages and many more unadvertised bonuses. I was really astonished by the quality of the whole package and I really think that despite their ridiculous tactic of promoting it, it is really one of the best Internet Marketing courses I have come across recently.

This launch just made me think about their ingenious creativity. Instead of trying to bribe their existing customers to buy their new product, they have decided to try something new that no one has tried before and probably they are setting the next big trend in the online marketing world. They are trying to get new customers by exposing the dirty players in the industry and that way, they are showing to their potential customers that they are real and they are the authority whom they should listen to in order to become really successful online. In the next few months, I expect all sorts of copycats to have surfaced and when you see them claiming that they are real as well, just remember who the pioneers of this marketing technique originally were. 🙂

Actually, why don’t you go and check their brand new product I’m talking about, I can tell from my experience of using it, that it could be really beneficial for you if you want to become successful online and build a loyal customer base regardless of the niche you are after and the unethical methods of promoting your product. The techniques for acquiring clients using the methods taught in the video course can be followed even by bloggers, future Internet celebrities and generally by everybody who wants to become an authority on the Internet.

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