The company was founded in 1985 by two undergraduate students at City University London - Jacob Ford and Lessley Keith. They were passionate about music and decided to create their own proprietary software which they intended to use in the local illegal radio station they were running at the time on the University's grounds.
After painstakingly coding for 6 months, the Radio Automation Systems RAS Broadcaster software was born. It was initially a simple player with playlist capabilities for the Mackintosh operating system and Windows 3.1, but after the eponymous company was setup in 1995, the product was ported to Windows 95 and to other operating systems and platforms.
The company expanded immencly throughout the 1990s and the 200s and created a few industry-standard products such as the RAS Cast server for broadcasting live streams over the Internet, the RAS Scheduler which complements the RAS Broadcaster and of course the flagship product of the company RAS Broadcaster which combines all of these individual products into one integrated package that could be deployed to run your station 24/7, 365 days a year fully automatically.
Now the company operates at over 30 countries including the European Economic Area, Canada, The United States, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.